HSBC Bank Credit Cards Instant Approval


Instant approval credit cards are those credit cards that are approved almost immediately upon application online. These kind of cards are used when you need immediate credit for any reason for e.g. travel. The issuer does a quick assessment of your creditworthiness and if you satisfy their requirements you receive approval instantly. This kind of approval is generally temporary in nature i.e. it is conditional upon further background checks on the applicant. So instant approval doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed approval but is a way for applicants with very good credit history to avail of credit quickly.

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HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) bank is a multinational bank headquartered in London. It is one of the largest banks in the world dealing in Retail, Commercial, Investment and Private Banking.

HSBC Bank in India provides a number of banking solutions to its clients. Amongst its personal banking services and products are its credit card products.

HSBC Bank Credit Cards:

While not in the truest sense of instant approval credit cards (as explained above), HSBC Bank does offer the option for applicants to apply for its credit cards online. Approval may not be instant but by keying in all the required details, the bank personnel will contact the applicant for an appointment to collect the required documents. The process applies to HSBC’s Platinum Credit Card.

To apply online, applicants have to first log into the bank’s website i.e. From the home page the ‘Personal’ tab has to be chosen to go to the Personal Banking page. Clicking on the option to apply online for an HSBC Credit Card will take the user to the page that explains the steps to apply for the card online along with their introductory offers.

The card application form can be downloaded, printed and signed. By clicking on the link that requests a call from the bank, the user will receive a call from the bank’s representative for an appointment to collect the applicant’s KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.These documents will help the bank determine the applicants eligibility for the credit card. This helps save time and travel for applicants who do not need to go down to the bank themselves.

The user also has the option of filling in the required details online but cannot avail the introductory offers on the card. In this case, too, the bank representative will come to the applicant to collect the documents.

Approval is not instant as is the case with real instant approval credit cards but it is similar in nature in that the application process can be completed online. The information provided above is as released by the bank. Information should be read in conjunction with the terms and offers and conditions as outlined by the bank.