SBI bank credit card rewards offers in India


 Credit cards act as a convenient substitute for cash. What is more they also earn you reward points when you swipe them to make some purchase. Generally, you get one point per every Rs 100-250 spent.Don’t forget to tap the monetary value of the points collected on your card. But you must remember that points get accumulated against spends, not for cash withdrawals.

The State Bank of India (SBI) provides you with one point per Rs 40 spent on its Gold Card and eight points per Rs 100 on its co-branded Tata Card.However, the condition with reward points on co-branded cards is that they can be redeemed only against products and services offered by the partnered establishment. SBI has a tie-up with certain merchants where you can redeem points instantly. So, you don’t have to contact the bank and get vouchers, rather you just can pay using your accumulated points.

SBI Card is a joint venture between State Bank of India, the country’s oldest and largest public sector bank and international firm GE Capital. The bank offers various credit cards as per your needs. It has a Shop and Smile Rewards programme. It has been put together keeping in mind the tastes and lifestyle of cardholders. You can redeem the reward points you have accumulated on your SBI credit card, against a wide variety of products ranging from gift vouchers to electrical appliances, accessories to lifestyle products.

Every time you use the card, you get power points which can be redeemed for exciting rewards. He how you earn rewards on different SBI credit cards :

SBI Platinum Card: In this card, you can earn 2 cash points for every Rs 100 spent. Plus, you can get cash points on dining, departmental store and international spends. For every Rs 100 spent by you on dining, departmental store & international purchases, you earn10 cash points which you can encash to pay your SBI Platinum Card outstanding balance or redeem them against an array of products.

SBI Gold Credit Card: This card too offers you reward points. You can earn 1 cash point for every Rs 100 spent These points can be used to pay the outstanding balance on your credit card or redeem against a wide choice of gifts from the rewards catalogue.

SBI Gold & More: In these cards, you earn 1 cash point for every Rs 100 spent. You can also earn 10 cash points for every Rs 100 spent on departmental store & grocery spends.

In case you face difficulty in redeeming power points, you can dial the SBI Card helpline.Web-enabled credit cardholders can redeem reward points online.

SBI offersa catalogue or laundry list of what you can do with the points. The catalogue includes apparel, gadgets, jewellery, luggage items, and the like. You can also encash your points against gift vouchers.

If you have accumulated points worth, say, Rs 500 and buy goods worth Rs 1,000, you have the choice of using your points earned on SBI Card for making payment.

Interested? For more details, you can apply for SBI credit cards by visiting SBI Branch or online through


HSBC Bank Credit Cards Instant Approval


Instant approval credit cards are those credit cards that are approved almost immediately upon application online. These kind of cards are used when you need immediate credit for any reason for e.g. travel. The issuer does a quick assessment of your creditworthiness and if you satisfy their requirements you receive approval instantly. This kind of approval is generally temporary in nature i.e. it is conditional upon further background checks on the applicant. So instant approval doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed approval but is a way for applicants with very good credit history to avail of credit quickly.

hsbc credit card instant approvalSources:


HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) bank is a multinational bank headquartered in London. It is one of the largest banks in the world dealing in Retail, Commercial, Investment and Private Banking.

HSBC Bank in India provides a number of banking solutions to its clients. Amongst its personal banking services and products are its credit card products.

HSBC Bank Credit Cards:

While not in the truest sense of instant approval credit cards (as explained above), HSBC Bank does offer the option for applicants to apply for its credit cards online. Approval may not be instant but by keying in all the required details, the bank personnel will contact the applicant for an appointment to collect the required documents. The process applies to HSBC’s Platinum Credit Card.

To apply online, applicants have to first log into the bank’s website i.e. From the home page the ‘Personal’ tab has to be chosen to go to the Personal Banking page. Clicking on the option to apply online for an HSBC Credit Card will take the user to the page that explains the steps to apply for the card online along with their introductory offers.

The card application form can be downloaded, printed and signed. By clicking on the link that requests a call from the bank, the user will receive a call from the bank’s representative for an appointment to collect the applicant’s KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.These documents will help the bank determine the applicants eligibility for the credit card. This helps save time and travel for applicants who do not need to go down to the bank themselves.

The user also has the option of filling in the required details online but cannot avail the introductory offers on the card. In this case, too, the bank representative will come to the applicant to collect the documents.

Approval is not instant as is the case with real instant approval credit cards but it is similar in nature in that the application process can be completed online. The information provided above is as released by the bank. Information should be read in conjunction with the terms and offers and conditions as outlined by the bank.

Worst places for using debit cards


Debit cards are a wonderful tool that cuts out the need of carrying cash. Debit cards allow the users a twin advantage of having access to liquid money anytime during the day as well as indulge in shopping in both online and brick and mortar stores. While there is no denying the fact that debit cards add a sense of convenience for the common man, debit cards are also susceptible for risk and fraud especially with increase in the number of hacking activity recently.

Worst places for using debit cardsLet us take a look at some of the worst places where users place themselves at high risk when using their debit cards.

Restaurants and Cafes:

One of the most common places where a lot of people tend to use their debit card is restaurant and cafes. Most restaurants and cafes do not swap the card in front of the customers. There have been cases reported in the past where waiters and cashiers have compromised the security of the card by noting the debit card number for a fraudulent use later on. Also a lot of small time restaurants and cafes still use older debit card swiping machines that are vulnerable to hackers who can access such machine using Bluetooth connection. The best to avoid falling for a debit card trap is to use credit cards or pay by cash while visiting restaurants and pubs.

Isolated ATM’s:

If you are one of those people who use your ATM’s at any and every ATM center, you are at a high risk for debit card frauds. While the advantage of having a debit card means one has access to cash all the time even while travelling to remote centers. On the downside however a lot of ATM’s located in the rural areas and also in isolated places in cities may have been compromised by hackers to note the debit card transactions of each card used in the ATM. While banks are continuing their plans to get every ATM under real time CCTV surveillance, unless the objective is fulfilled avoiding isolated ATM’s is recommended.

Petrol Pumps:

A large number of people use their debit cards at petrol pumps and filling stations making them vulnerable to debit card fraud. Petrol pumps offer the least amount of security for their card swiping machines is at a high risk for hackers and fraudsters. Hackers have been known to use Bluetooth to extract pin numbers punched in by debit card customers at petrol pumps. The extra security protection offered in a credit card is tough to misuse but debit card holders are at a genuine risk once their card pin number gets stolen.

Retail Grocery Stores:

There is no denying the fact that it is easier and more convenient to carry a card when out shopping for random stuff and groceries at a store or mart. Using a debit card for shopping at a retail store is not an ideal scenario as the card may get compromised due to various reasons. A large number of stores do not upgrade their card machines to handle old malware. Latest hacking techniques make it possible to break into the network of any store and get access to pin numbers of debit cards. Using a credit card or cash is a safer option. It is wiser to avoid using card when paying a small amount as one is putting a high risk on the debit card transaction for a small purchase of a few hundreds.

Online Shopping:

The widespread use of online shopping these days has offered customers the convenience to shop sitting in the comfort of their home or office. But before you shop online using your debit card make sure that the website or portal carries all debit card transactions over an encrypted network. Look out for SSL certified sites before indulging in any financial transaction. A lot of online sites have come up recently that do not have required protection for online transactions making it easier for hackers to steal debit card numbers, information and PIN right from the online database.

Image Source:–COlw9-Tw–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18ixgsuxcbsf1jpg.jpg

ICICI Bank Credit Card Deals and offers 2014


ICICI bank has risen as one of the main banks in the Indian financial market. With its various services and products, it has been able to cater to the needs and demands of different customers. Its pan India presence has also helped enhance its popularity among customers.

An ICICI credit card is known in the market for its different benefits and features. Along with this, it is also known for different deals and offers available on these cards. ICICI bank credit card can easily be termed as a powerhouse when it comes to deals and offers.

Deals and offers for lifestyle on ICICI credit card:



Four Fountains Spa


Offer 1: Get 20 off on canvas prints above Rs.1000 (coupon code ICICICAN)

Offer 2: Get 12.5% off on all orders above Rs.700 (coupon code ICICID125)

10% off on purchase of Rs 500 and above at with ICICI bank credit card with promo code “PMBC10”

Offer valid up to July 31, 2014

15% at any Four Fountain De-stress Spa on Package therapies (CICI Bank Visa Infinite Debit and Credit Card – 15% off

ICICI Bank Visa Signature Debit and Credit Card – 15% off

ICICI Bank Visa Platinum Debit and Credit Card – 10% off)

Offer valid till January 31, 2015

Flat 37%* off at Myntra

Offer valid till July 31, 2014. Login to to avail the offer




Perfumes Direct

Rs.250 off* on a minimum purchase of Rs.1000 & above on ICICI credit card with promo code “ICICI250OFF1000”

Offer valid till December 31,2014

6% off with promo code “ICICIC2014”

Maximum Discount ₹ 500

Offer valid September 30, 2014

20% off on Purchase of Spectacle and Sunglasses (not valid for contact lenses)

20% off on Minimum purchase of Rs 1499 and above (Max discount up to Rs 600)

Offer valid till May 30, 2015

Deals and offers for gifting on ICICI bank credit card:


Archies online


15% off on orders above Rs.1200 with promo code “GIFTICICI”

Offer valid till September 30, 2014

Flat 20% off on all products on a minimum purchase of Rs.300 with promo code “ICICI20ARCHIES” on ICICI credit card

Offer valid up to October 31,2014

flat 20% off on purchase of

Apparels, Bags, Watches, Footwear,

Home Decor and Artificial Jewellery with promo code “ICICI20”

Offer valid up to December 31, 2014

Deals and offers for electronics on ICICI credit card:



Next India Retail


FLAT 10% OFF on Books and Media (Min Purchase: 250

Max Discount: 500) with promo code “ICICIA10”

FLAT 5% OFF on Electronics and Mobiles (Min Purchase: 1000

Max Discount: 1000) with promo code “ICICIE05”

Offer valid till July 31, 2014

54% off

on select Kaspersky products at with promo code”ICICIFEST13″ on ICICI credit card

Offer valid till October 31, 2014

Flat 10% off on all – LCD/ LED TV’s, Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Microwave oven subject to Maximum of ₹1000

Coupon Code: ICICI-NEXT10

Flat Rs 3000 off on products worth Rs 30,000 (not applicable on Mobile, Tablets, Cameras, IT & Gaming products)

Coupon Code: ICICINEXT3K

Offer valid till September 30, 2014


5% off*

on all the products at with promo code “DCF8Z95G5EBK” with ICICI bank credit card

Offer valid till July 31,2014

The above offers can be changed by ICICI without any notice; hence, it is better to keep a track of them.

Best SBI Exclusive Credit Cards in India


Credit cards are plastic cash cards that have become a source of identification as well as a status symbol nowadays as this card helps the card holder pay for their expenses at any desired time. The State Bank of India offers a wide range of credit cards that suits all classes of people, depending on their utility and requirement. The gamut includes premium cards, travel & shopping cards, classic cards, corporate cards and exclusive cards.

Best SBI Exclusive Credit Cards in India

SBI Card

SBI Exclusive Credit Cards come in 12 different categories of cards that serve their respective utility. The various SBI Exclusive Credit Cards and the features are as given below:

1. Tata Cards

Tata Premium and Classic Cards designed for Tata employees and users of Tata products provide immense benefits when used in Tata Enterprises and its partner outlets. It also gives complete fuel freedom from the 2.5 % fuel surcharge across all petrol pumps. Features such as worldwide acceptance, Flexipay, cash on the go, and 0% fuel surcharge are other prominent features.

2. BMB Platinum Credit Card

Bharatiya Mahila Bank Platinum Credit Card is a global cash card with cash withdrawal facility across the world. It provides True lifestyle, True value and True lounge access at any luxury airport lounges, easy bill pay facility, online railway and air bookings etc. The card comes with various other power packed features and benefits.

3. BMB Gold and More Credit Cards

The BMB Gold and More Credit cards have the same features as the BMB Platinum credit card, which include complete fuel freedom, and attractive welcome offers. The cash points earned at various outlets can be used to pay the outstanding balance or can be redeemed at the array of redeemable catalogues.

4. Bank of Maharashtra SBI Platinum Credit Card

With this card, the card holder can earn whopping 10 cash points for every Rs.100 spent on dining, departmental and international spends. It also provides complimentary access to priority pass program which is beneficial at various luxury accesses.

5. Bank of Maharashtra SBI Card

This credit card comes with 2.5% value back on all departmental and grocery spends, 2.5% fuel surcharge freedom and many more benefits and features.

6. Oriental Bank of Commerce SBI Platinum Credit Card

This has all the typical benefits and features of an SBI platinum card, with more rewards such as full fare free one way domestic air ticket or apparel vouchers worth Rs.3,000 on spends above Rs. 4 Lakh per year.

7. Oriental Bank of Commerce SBI Card

The Oriental Bank of Commerce comes together with SBI to provide this credit card service, which offers various benefits such as cash points, value back offers, welcome offers and freedom from fuel surcharge etc.

8. Karur Vysya Bank, SBI Platinum Card and

9. Karur Vysya Bank SBI Card

The Karur Vysya Bank SBI Platinum card offers all the benefits of a platinum card, whereas the Karur Vysya Bank SBI card provides the basic credit card facilities.

10. SBI Maruti Card

SBI Maruti Card has benefits such as auto points at various spend levels, huge auto points on Maruti exchange and on referrals, complimentary on-road service assistance, fuel surcharge waivers and huge discounts on Maruti accessories.

 11. SBI Dena Bank Secured Card

A no income proof and a low interest SBI Dena Bank Secured Card can be obtained on the basis of a fixed deposit of Rs. 30,000 in Dena Bank. This comes with the convenience of extended credit facility with a very low rate of interest at 1.99% per month.

 12. SBI UBI Card

The SBI United Bank of India card comes with benefits and reward programme that makes shopping on SBI UBI co-branded card even better. The SBI UBI Gold and silver card has its own packed benefits and features.

All the major platinum cards come with a joining fee of Rs. 2999 to Rs.5000 and an annual fee, while the other cards have a joining fee of Rs. 250 to Rs. 500, depending on the rewards. Each card has its own benefits and features; hence, explore the hidden charges as well before applying for the respective card.

Cash back cards in India: ‘Earn while you spend’


Have you ever heard that you’ll get money for your spending? Or you’ll be paid more as you are going to spend more?

Irony? Isn’t it?

But, it’s true. As you’ll purchase more from your credit card, you’ll be paid more as cash back by the service provider. Whether it be a retail shopping, groceries, fuel, movie tickets, travel expenses and many more, the service provider i.e. your financial institution that have provided you with a credit card will pay you some amount of money from your expenses as a cash back. Isn’t it surprising?

So, now ‘Earn while you spend’ through your credit cards. Let’s discuss some top 10 credit cards offering cash back facility to their customers. Take a look below:

Citi Bank Cash back credit card: Citi bank is one of the renowned bank having its branches in India. And having its credit card is one among the difficult tasks as per its stringent and high end eligibility criteria. But, if you have its credit card then, you are going to definitely avail the following cash back facilities like:

If you are going to purchase movie tickets using Citi Bank cash back credit card, then you’ll get a cash back of 5% on the amount of bill you have paid.

If you are going to pay telephone bill using Citi Bank cash back credit card, then you’ll get a cash back of 5% on the amount of bill you have paid.

If you are going to pay utility bills through online using Citi Bank cash back credit card, then you’ll get a cash back of 5% on the amount of bill you have paid.

Standard Chartered Titanium card/Standard chartered Bajaj Allianz card: Standard chartered as laid its branches in India with a huge acquisition of market share and customer focus. It also gives a cash back offers and utility for its customers, who are using Standard chartered Titanium card for their purchases and bill payments. Let’s take a look at its cash back facilities:

If you are going to fill petrol in your vehicle using Standard Chartered Titanium Card, then you’ll get 5% cash back in all petrol pumps.

If you are going to pay all your telecom bills of any telecom provider, you’ll be entitled to 5% cash back on the amount you have paid using your Standard chartered titanium card.

For all other retail transactions, you’ll get 1% cash back.

SBI Gold card: SBI is the top public sector bank in India with renowned name and fame. Providing you with world class benefits, SBI also provides you with SBI gold card which gives you a facility of cash back:

If you are making purchases from departmental stores and groceries, then you’ll be entitled to 2% cash back.

If you are going to pay utility bills through online using SBI cash back credit card, then you’ll get a cash back of 2% on the amount of bill you have paid.

ICICI Bank Travel smart card: ICICI Bank is one of the top 3 private sector banks offering promised services to its customers. It has also stepped in as one of the main service providers for credit card. It has a cash back credit card called as ICICI bank travel smart card which gives cash back on the following transactions:

If you are booking any domestic or international flight travel from, then you’ll be entitled to 10% of cash back on the base fare amount.

HDFC Bank value plus credit card: HDFC Bank is one of the top 3 private sector banks and offers very competitive services and products to its customers. One of its products is cash back credit cards. Let’s find out what it offers in this:

If you are spending on any retail outlets and products, you’ll get up to 5% cash back.

If you are spending for railways, hospitals, medical stores, then you’ll get a 5% cash back.

If you are spending in any departmental stores, supermarkets, restaurants, then you’ll get 1.50% as a cash back.

For all other retail spending, you’ll get 0.50% as a cash back.

If you are spending for fuel at Bharat petroleum pumps, then you’ll be entitled to 2.5% of cash back.

HDFC Bank Women’s Gold credit card: HDFC Bank has also come up with a special card for women. Let’s find out its cash back facilities:

On your all monthly household purchases, you’ll get 5% cash back.

On getting your vehicle filled with fuel, you’ll be entitled to 2.5% of cash back.

American Express Gold credit card: American Express Bank is specialized in credit cards and one of its specialty is American Express Gold credit card which gives you cash back facility:

On each of your spending through American Express Gold credit card, you’ll get 2% cash back.

ABN AMRO Titanium one card: ABN AMRO is a Dutch bank which have laid its roots in India by providing all round services in banking. Its cash back credit card offers variety of cash back facilities. Let’s discuss them:

For the spending between 5001 – 10000 INR, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending of more than 10000 INR, you’ll get a cash back of 1.5%

For the spending in utility bill payments, you’ll get a cash back of 2%

For the spending in International retail, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending in International cash, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending in Interest, you’ll get a cash back of 5%

ABN AMRO one card: There is one more cash back credit card offered by ABN AMRO Bank and i.e. ABN AMRO one card. Let’s discuss its cash back features:

For the spending up to INR 5000, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending between 5001 – 10000 INR, you’ll get a cash back of 1.5%

For the spending of more than 10000 INR, you’ll get a cash back of 2%

For the spending in utility bill payments, you’ll get a cash back of 2%

For the spending in International retail, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending in International cash, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

For the spending in Interest, you’ll get a cash back of 1%

Note: All the rates provided above are subject to change. Individuals need to check it from time to time.

Therefore, these are the offers made by different banks on their cash back credit cards. Now, grab one and get the cash back for your every spending. Go shopping!

Benefits of Using CitiBank Credit Card – More than any other Card Can Offer


Citi is a leading global bank with over 200 million customer accounts spread across 160 countries. For well over a century, specifically, since 1902, it has been part of the Indian market as an important investor, with a total employed capital in excess of $3 billion. In short, choosing a credit card from over eleven products on offer in the country, will be a problem of choice, and not trust.


The chief benefit, therefore, of using a Citibank credit card is that fact that in opting for a Citibank card, one opts into the fraternity of a banking organisation with over a century of experience, garnering the trust of millions of account holders across the world.

On a different note, whether the choice of the card is driven by a need to travel, a desire to shop, a consideration of prudence in fuel consumption of to cater to a specific lifestyle, Citibank’s credit cards are tailor made for each of the purposes and more.

Consider the Citibank PremierMiles card, which bestows upon the customer best of class privileges, in addition to extreme ease in redeeming the points one earns by traveling on one of a bevy of over 100 airlines.

Alternately, the Citibank Rewards card and Rewards Domestic Card let the customer earn ten times more points not just while shopping, but can also avail air miles, cash back, premium merchandise and more. In continuation, the Citibank Cash Back card lets the customer save more as one spends more, with a 5% cash back on daily spends.

Understanding the consumer’s pulse and catering to specific needs is not easy, but possible. Take for example the First Citizen Citibank Titanium Credit Card, through which a customer can earn reward points on literally every purchase and up to seven times more points on a purchase at Shoppers Stop, in addition to availing year round shopping privileges. The Citibank Platinum Credit too rewards the customer with multiple points for spending on dining, apparel, footwear and accessories, in addition to attractive, yearlong benefits.

For the fuel conscious, the Indianoil Citibank Titanium and Platinum Credit Cards both offer 5% off on fuel bills, in addition to 4 times the points on fuel and hundreds of lifestyle purchases. What is more, converting these points into free fuel is instantaneous!

For some, it all boils down ultimately, to lifestyle. And that is why, only the Citi Prestige Credit Card will do. With an elevated status on loyalty programs of partners that include British Airways, Hilton, Shangri La, Taj group and more, travel and living do not get more accessible, perfect and svelte than this. Add to this complementary access to over 600 airport lounges and unforgettable savings on airline tickets, these make Citi Prestige, the card of choice for those who insist on living life their way.