Benefits of Using CitiBank Credit Card – More than any other Card Can Offer


Citi is a leading global bank with over 200 million customer accounts spread across 160 countries. For well over a century, specifically, since 1902, it has been part of the Indian market as an important investor, with a total employed capital in excess of $3 billion. In short, choosing a credit card from over eleven products on offer in the country, will be a problem of choice, and not trust.


The chief benefit, therefore, of using a Citibank credit card is that fact that in opting for a Citibank card, one opts into the fraternity of a banking organisation with over a century of experience, garnering the trust of millions of account holders across the world.

On a different note, whether the choice of the card is driven by a need to travel, a desire to shop, a consideration of prudence in fuel consumption of to cater to a specific lifestyle, Citibank’s credit cards are tailor made for each of the purposes and more.

Consider the Citibank PremierMiles card, which bestows upon the customer best of class privileges, in addition to extreme ease in redeeming the points one earns by traveling on one of a bevy of over 100 airlines.

Alternately, the Citibank Rewards card and Rewards Domestic Card let the customer earn ten times more points not just while shopping, but can also avail air miles, cash back, premium merchandise and more. In continuation, the Citibank Cash Back card lets the customer save more as one spends more, with a 5% cash back on daily spends.

Understanding the consumer’s pulse and catering to specific needs is not easy, but possible. Take for example the First Citizen Citibank Titanium Credit Card, through which a customer can earn reward points on literally every purchase and up to seven times more points on a purchase at Shoppers Stop, in addition to availing year round shopping privileges. The Citibank Platinum Credit too rewards the customer with multiple points for spending on dining, apparel, footwear and accessories, in addition to attractive, yearlong benefits.

For the fuel conscious, the Indianoil Citibank Titanium and Platinum Credit Cards both offer 5% off on fuel bills, in addition to 4 times the points on fuel and hundreds of lifestyle purchases. What is more, converting these points into free fuel is instantaneous!

For some, it all boils down ultimately, to lifestyle. And that is why, only the Citi Prestige Credit Card will do. With an elevated status on loyalty programs of partners that include British Airways, Hilton, Shangri La, Taj group and more, travel and living do not get more accessible, perfect and svelte than this. Add to this complementary access to over 600 airport lounges and unforgettable savings on airline tickets, these make Citi Prestige, the card of choice for those who insist on living life their way.


Best SBI Classic Cards in India


State Bank of India provides a wide range of credit cards that suits all needs and can be obtained easily with minimal eligibility and documentation. The variety includes premium cards, corporate cards, travel and shopping cards, exclusive cards and classic cards.

SBI Classic Cards come in three classy varieties, which are SBI Gold Card, SBI Advantage Gold card and SBI Advantage plus card.

SBI Classic Cards in IndiaSBI Gold Card and SBI Advantage Card

The benefits of both SBI Gold Card and SBI Advantage Card is similar such as worldwide acceptance, credit facility which is very flexible where the unpaid balance can then be carried forward at one of the lowest finance charges available, cash on the go facility where cash is withdrawn from any of the ATMs across the globe and the benefits of train and air ticket bookings from anywhere.

The features of these cards are immense where the credit card account can be managed online which provides timely card alerts, e-statements, add-on cards, easy money and utility bill payment facility and peace of mind.

Both the cards require no eligibility and can be obtained easily with a joining fee Rs. 299 and an annual fee of Rs. 299.

SBI Advantage Plus Card

The SBI Advantage plus card comes with a special benefit which is the En cash facility. Under this, one can transfer the funds to SBI to facilitate the opening of a fixed deposit in the card holder’s name at SBI. As one keeps paying the En cash EMIs every month on the SBI Advantage plus card, the credit limit will keep increasing every month. By this, you will continue to enjoy interest on your Fixed Deposit at SBI and the final credit limit on your SBI Advantage plus card will be up to 85% of the FD amount. The added benefit is an unbelievable low rate of interest of 2.25% per month on the SBI Advantage plus card.

To apply for an SBI Advantage plus card, simply fill the application form and FD form either online or at the branch office, sign the authorization letter and the Auto Debit Mandate, attach the required self attested documents and submit accordingly. Within a few working days, the SBI Advantage plus card will be dispatched, after paying the joining fee of Rs. 500. An annual fee of Rs.500 is added in the first bill, and the card will extend the encash facility for Rs. 25, 000/ Rs.50, 000 and transfer the corresponding funds to SBI. SBI, in turn, would open an FD in your name and the bill for the following monthly EMI for 11 months will be:

  • Rs. 2500 for Rs. 25, 000 Encash

  • Rs. 5,000 for Rs. 50, 000 Encash

The best part of this scheme is that the card holder will continue to earn the interest 9.25 % of the FD for 365 days. Along with many power packed features such as balance transfer on low interest rates, credit convenience, easy money facility, utility bill facility, online statuses, SBI Advantage plus card is a wise choice for investment as well for the required utility.