Best SBI Corporate Credit Cards in India


Be it a farmer or a professional, there is a credit card for everyone at SBI. State Bank of India offers more than 31 categories of SBI credit card that fulfils various needs of different sections of people. The major SBI Cards are the premium cards, travel and shopping cards, classic cards, exclusive cards and corporate cards. Under each, there are many cards, according to the utility of the customers.

SBI Corporate Cards, mainly designed for the corporate sectors, come with the Power of 2- Power to the Organization where the organization can benefit and with the features available, it can monitor the spends, control overspends and identify opportunities for saving. It also gives Power to the Employees wherein the employees are benefited with reward points, complimentary travel related insurances, lounge facilities etc. and there are three different SBI Corporate Credit Cards available namely,
 SBI Platinum Corporate Card
 SBI Signature Corporate Card
 SBI Corporate Utility Card

About the Corporate Cards
The SBI Platinum Corporate Card, SBI Signature Corporate Card and the SBI Utility Card have special benefits for an organization. The Smarter Spend and Expense Management provide benefits at various outlets such as negotiations with rates and terms at airlines, hotel bookings, etc. The Visa Intellilink Spend Management helps control and manage one’s spending better.
The Spend Category Control available in these SBI credit cards allows the corporate to block certain merchant category codes as per the policy of the corporate cards and the merchants vary according to the offers available. Being EMV cards, all the corporate cards provide enhanced security against counterfeiting and skimming.

sbi Corporate Cards
Apart from this, the special benefits include reward programs, lounge access, priority pass, EMV benefits, insurance, global acceptance, faster data processing, e-statements, consolidated payment options and many more.
Both the SBI Platinum Corporate Card and the SBI Corporate Utility Card can be obtained free of cost with minimum documents such as the employee certificate and the basic attested, signed application.

More about SBI Signature Corporate Card:
The SBI Signature Corporate Card is designed especially for frequent business travellers, which comes with the added benefits of Concierge Service where personalized customer care is available for 24*7, along with complimentary priority pass membership and complimentary travel related insurance.
The EMV and PIN benefits allow the card holder to enter the unique personal identification number to provide an additional layer of security and authentication that gives more control on the card as well as the convenience of hosting multiple applications at a time. The joining fee is nil, whereas the annual fee ranges up to Rs. 499, depending on the usage.
In addition to this, the corporate cards also have the facility of emergency card replacement, and emergency cash disbursement (if cash facility is available on the card).
With all the power packed features, the SBI corporate cards provide the corporate card holders with immense benefits. Always go through the other fee and charges before applying for the cards and enjoy your SBI Corporate Credit Cards.


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