Best Travel Credit Cards for 2014: Know What You can Get


Many Indian consumers are travelling all over the world today for their personal or professional reasons. You might want to travel abroad to have a holiday of a lifetime with your loved ones or you could be a frequent traveller for professional reasons. For all your trips in India or in foreign countries, you rely on Travel Credit Cards that have many advantages. The biggest of them all is the fact that you can travel without having to carry huge amouSnts of cash with you, wherever you might be going.

travel credit card

Of course there are huge reward points you can win on the use of these cards. These rewards begin from the stage where you book your flight tickets and you can keep reaping them as you spend when you are in a foreign country, eating out or shopping for that matter. But before you make your decision about getting these cards for your travel this year, there are certain aspects you have to consider. You are also better off looking at different travel card offers that are available in the market in 2014 to ensure that you are making the right decision.

The best travel card offers in 2014 include:

  • One of the Best Travel Credit Card options you get today is where a card issuer has tied up with a travel website. For example HDFC has collaborated with Cleartrip so that you can get up to 50% cash back on your bookings. You are eligible for the cash back if you book at least two return tickets on the site using you HDFC card.
  • Similarly, ICICI has tied up with that can also bring you cash back of up to 50%. Those who have Platinum or Titanium cards can get 50% cash back while Gold card holders can get 25% cash back. There’s 15% cash back option for those who have silver and other cards.
  • Yatra BarclayCard and Standard Chartered Makemytrip cards also have their merits for travellers today and you can look into them to get good deals.
  • However you have to understand that some of the best rewards and offers are reserved for frequent travellers. If you travel in the country or abroad on a regular basis then you are better off looking at travel card offers that can bring you smart privileges.
  • Besides the cards that can bring you good rewards while booking your flights, there are several other cards that have good rewards for you when you use them during your travel. By using these cards you will be able to get reward points for your shopping trips or eating out experiences.
  • There are card issuers including ICICI, HDFC and Standard Chartered that often tie up with hotel chains all over the world. If you have a loyalty towards a particular brand then you can use these cards to the fullest and get fantastic rewards in the process.

Best travel credit cards

There are several Travel Credit Cards offers in 2014 that can give you the cutting edge advantage.


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