Apply for Student Credit Card


The credit card market in India is becoming bigger and better day by day. Every other day, some bank comes out with a brand new credit card scheme to allure customers. Basically, there are credit cards for all kinds of customers, depending upon their budget and lifestyle. A student credit card scheme, too, is becoming quite popular around the country due to the innumerable benefits it offers to the college going students. Student credit cards are usually offered to postgraduate students who meet the nominal eligibility requirements.student credit card

The best thing about these credit cards is that they come along with some friendly features like no income limit, lower rates of interest, no annual or joining fee and decent purchase limit. The joining formalities too are quite simple and you don’t have to file any kinds of IT return forms or employment forms to get your card. All you have to do is to apply for student credit card is submit your residence proof and enrollment proof issued by an educational institution.

There’s a proper procedure which is to be followed for acquiring a card. The student needs to first fill up the card application form and submitted online on the bank’s official website. Online banking has made everything much more convenient for students who are willing to apply for such a card. The parents/guardians of the student need to provide some guarantee for their debts. The student needs to submit passport sized photographs, student ID and residence proof along with the form to ensure a smooth approval process.

 Finding the Best Card

Always remember that not all the credit cards offer the same rewards to users. This is one of the reasons why you must spend some time researching for  Best credit card that could help you avail the maximum number of advantages. Once you find 2 or 3 reliable service providers, you must compare the reward programs being offered by them. You must also keep an eye on the rates of interest that different credit card companies are charging from you so that you could find a reliable scheme for yourself.

best credit card

 Go through the Terms

Even though credit cards for students come with hassle-free conditions, it is quite important for you to go through all the terms beforehand. You should see whether the norms mentioned in the papers are good enough for you or not. All the details regarding the card should be mentioned clearly in the agreement so that you don’t have to worry about the safety about your payments later on.

 Using the Card with Responsibility

Credit cards are exceptional financial tools that help you manage your expenses and build a strong budget. So, you should avoid over-spending and try to make only the purchases which are extremely important. By using the card responsibly, you will surely be able to enjoy its perks even more.

So, apply for a brand new student credit card and start handling your own college expenses without depending upon your family. These cards would definitely make shopping easier for you even when you’re not in your city.


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