Reasons to Apply for HDFC Super Premium Credit Cards


The concept of credit cards for the premium class of the society is fast gaining popularity in the eyes of the Indian lenders. Although the local banks and financiers haven’t really shown their interests in this avenue in the past, today, there is a long list of special shiny plastic money instruments for the uber-rich offered by the local service providers. The premier credit quality, large monetary transactions and a chance to get more cream-class customers on board have made premium credit cards an important addition to the product portfolio of every bank nowadays.

hdfc bank credit card

During the early days, these credit instruments were specialty products of foreign banks, including American Express, Citi, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Standard Chartered Bank. However, with the increasing popularity among the masses, several private sector banks started to offer premium services in the Indian market as well. HDFC bank was among the very first private financiers to have come up with this service in the domestic market, with the launch of its super premium HDFC credit card range.

As of now, hdfc credit card offers three distinct credit cards under its premium segment. Each card has its own unique features and benefits, and customers can apply lifestyle credit card online after finding a perfect match for their needs and wants. Here is a closer look at some of the top reasons to apply for the three super premium HDFC credit card products.


HDFC Infinia Credit Card

The Infinia HDFC credit card is the first player of the super premium line-up offered by the financier. With a tagline of ‘Powered by exclusivity, Pampered by exquisiteness’, HDFC bank aims at providing infinite benefits to its valued customers. The Infinia credit card offers a wide range of travel (airline and hotel bookings), recreational (complimentary memberships, exclusive promotional offers and discounts, and other special privileges), insurance, (international travel insurance) and more rewards (2x points on using Infinia HDFC credit card for booking flight tickets, making hotel reservations, booking movie tickets, and recharging Mobile/DTH, and 10 points for every Rs.150 spent on online portal).


Regalia Credit Card

Regalia HDFC credit card is another super premium card designed for the seekers of unparalleled travel and luxury spending benefits. In addition to the welcome reward bonus of 5000 points and a renewal benefit of 2500 reward points, the Regalia credit card enables users to earn 8 points for every Rs.150 spent on the official online portal, 6 points on all dining spends and 4 rewards points for every other transaction made using this credit card. Customers are also entitled to a Complimentary Priority Pass Membership for enjoying preferential and free access to over 600airport lounges worldwide, and Complimentary Taj Epicure Plus Membership for reaping some exquisite benefits at Taj Hotels and Resorts.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card










Diners Club Credit Card

The Diners Club HDFC Credit Card is the best player of the super-premium range offered by the lender. With some exclusive lifestyle benefits, diners club credit card always tends to grab the attention of the uber-rich customers. Offering a welcome benefit of 20000 air miles, easy access to over 500 Airport Lounges all across the world, 5 reward points for every Rs.150 spent anywhere, 24×7 Golf Concierge services and exclusive benefits from Taj Group of Vivanta and Gateway Hotels, Diners club HDFC credit card is a perfect companion for the people belonging to the crème class of the society.



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