Best Virtual Credit Cards in India


The fever of online shopping has spread immensely among the busy and exhausted Indians. It provides ready access to some of the topmost brands and their innumerable products from India as well as overseas. This has enabled people to purchase virtually anything, from clothes, electronic goods, gadgets, shoes, home décor products, crockery, furniture and fittings, and even fruits, vegetables and groceries online. However, what keeps a majority of people from shopping and making payment for the purchased goods online a scary option is the level of security of the website. Shopping portals with poor encryption and security are likely to leave the financial details, including the CVV number and credit limit of a shopper, unsecured from and exposed to virtual fraudsters.

In such situations, it is always wise to act cautiously when making any transactions online that might expose sensitive financial information online. There are several kinds of safety measures that can be employed for ensuring that the information travels over the web safely. However, sometimes transactions have to be made with unsecured websites. For addressing such petrifying situations, banks have come up with the super-secure and easy-to-use virtual credit cards.


As of now, the kinds of has aren’t characterised by their plastic appearance. These kinds of credit instruments do not have any physical existence and are primarily known by their virtual features. These add-on cards are offered by the primary credit card provider only for FREE, and can be used for making one-time transactions online. These cards come with a limited expiry date and credit limit which makes them perfectly secure for making transactions online. All it takes is some time to apply virtual credit cards through the net-banking portal and generate online credit card numbers for the next shopping session.

Some of the major banks that offer the best services in regards to virtual credit card India, and their individual features are discussed further.

SBI Virtual CardImage

It is a limit credit card offered by the leading bankers in India, which can be easily created by making use of the SBI Internet Banking facility, for making online transactions. Powered by Visa, the SBI virtual credit cards can be used to make transactions with online merchants accepting VISA cards. Available for free and valid for a maximum duration of 48 hours, these credit cards prove to be more secure, flexible, easy to use and protected from any kinds loss when making transactions on unsecured online portals.


Axis eShop Virtual Credit Card

Axis Bank is yet another top provider of virtual credit card India. Axis Bank provides the opportunity for avid online shoppers to make secure transactions online and that too without divulging their banking details online. With features like the ability to set personal limits, flexible usage terms and conditions, 100% security, 48 hours validity, VISA powered transactions, and consolidated card statements, these virtual credit cards are perfect for platinum, platinum advantage, gold, silver and easy credit card holders.

On the whole, with the power to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of home, without putting credit card information to risk, virtual credit cards serve to be the perfect mediums to make secure payments for purchases made online.


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