Reasons to Apply for HDFC Super Premium Credit Cards


The concept of credit cards for the premium class of the society is fast gaining popularity in the eyes of the Indian lenders. Although the local banks and financiers haven’t really shown their interests in this avenue in the past, today, there is a long list of special shiny plastic money instruments for the uber-rich offered by the local service providers. The premier credit quality, large monetary transactions and a chance to get more cream-class customers on board have made premium credit cards an important addition to the product portfolio of every bank nowadays.

hdfc bank credit card

During the early days, these credit instruments were specialty products of foreign banks, including American Express, Citi, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Standard Chartered Bank. However, with the increasing popularity among the masses, several private sector banks started to offer premium services in the Indian market as well. HDFC bank was among the very first private financiers to have come up with this service in the domestic market, with the launch of its super premium HDFC credit card range.

As of now, hdfc credit card offers three distinct credit cards under its premium segment. Each card has its own unique features and benefits, and customers can apply lifestyle credit card online after finding a perfect match for their needs and wants. Here is a closer look at some of the top reasons to apply for the three super premium HDFC credit card products.


HDFC Infinia Credit Card

The Infinia HDFC credit card is the first player of the super premium line-up offered by the financier. With a tagline of ‘Powered by exclusivity, Pampered by exquisiteness’, HDFC bank aims at providing infinite benefits to its valued customers. The Infinia credit card offers a wide range of travel (airline and hotel bookings), recreational (complimentary memberships, exclusive promotional offers and discounts, and other special privileges), insurance, (international travel insurance) and more rewards (2x points on using Infinia HDFC credit card for booking flight tickets, making hotel reservations, booking movie tickets, and recharging Mobile/DTH, and 10 points for every Rs.150 spent on online portal).


Regalia Credit Card

Regalia HDFC credit card is another super premium card designed for the seekers of unparalleled travel and luxury spending benefits. In addition to the welcome reward bonus of 5000 points and a renewal benefit of 2500 reward points, the Regalia credit card enables users to earn 8 points for every Rs.150 spent on the official online portal, 6 points on all dining spends and 4 rewards points for every other transaction made using this credit card. Customers are also entitled to a Complimentary Priority Pass Membership for enjoying preferential and free access to over 600airport lounges worldwide, and Complimentary Taj Epicure Plus Membership for reaping some exquisite benefits at Taj Hotels and Resorts.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card










Diners Club Credit Card

The Diners Club HDFC Credit Card is the best player of the super-premium range offered by the lender. With some exclusive lifestyle benefits, diners club credit card always tends to grab the attention of the uber-rich customers. Offering a welcome benefit of 20000 air miles, easy access to over 500 Airport Lounges all across the world, 5 reward points for every Rs.150 spent anywhere, 24×7 Golf Concierge services and exclusive benefits from Taj Group of Vivanta and Gateway Hotels, Diners club HDFC credit card is a perfect companion for the people belonging to the crème class of the society.



Citibank credit card deals that you can choose


citibank credit cardCitibank is one of the leading players in the Indian credit card market. Citibank Credit Cards are well known for the deals, offers and rewards they offer. Here are some popular credit card deals by Citibank which you can choose:


Citibank offers shopping deals on 5 of its card offerings – Citibank Rewards Card, Citibank Rewards Domestic Credit Card, Citibank Cash back credit card, First Citizen Citibank Titanium credit card and Citibank Platinum credit card.Shopping with citibank credit card

The rewards cards give you 10 reward points for every Rs. 125 spent at apparel and department stores and 100 other partners and 1 point for every Rs. 125 spent on other transactions. The cash back card offers 5% cash back on movie ticket purchases, telephone bill and utility bill payments. Other transactions earn 0.5% cash back. The First Citizen Titanium credit card gives you 7 First Citizen points for every Rs. 100 spent at Shoppers Stop for private label brands and 5 points for other brands in Shoppers Stop. In all other cases, you earn 1 First Citizen point for every Rs. 100 spent. The benefits can be quite substantial if you shop exclusively at Shoppers Stop. The Platinum credit card can get you 5 reward points for every Rs. 125 spent at select merchants. This card does not have joining fee and renewal fees. Most of the above cards, except the Platinum card offer welcome reward points on joining and also bonus points on renewals. You also get 20% savings on dining bills across 2000 select diners in the country.


You can get good travel deals with the Citibank PremierMiles Card. This card offers 10 Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on airline transactions and also with select partners. This includes booking flight tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. You can earn 4 Miles on all other transactions made on the card. You also get to earn Bonus Miles of 10,000 for the first spend of Rs. 1000 on the card within 60 days of issuance and 3,000 Miles on card renewal. The Miles you earn never expire and can be redeemed for flights, hotels and car rentals. You can also enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges. The interest rate is fixed at 2.5% per month and the annual fee is Rs.3000.


Fuel deals can be got by opting for the IndianOil Citibank Platinum Card or the IndianOil Citibank Titanium card. The Platinum card gives you 4 turbo points for every Rs. 150 spent at Indian Oil retail outlets, 2 points for spend at grocery and supermarkets and 1 point for other transactions. There is also a waiver of 2.5% fuel surcharge. 1 turbo point gives you Re.1 of free fuel. You can also redeem for gift vouchers. The Titanium card gives you similar benefits.


Not many cards in India give you good deals on lifestyle. Citibank’s Citi Prestige Credit Card offers benefits on high luxury lifestyle spend. You can get up to 15% savings on international first and business class travel with select airlines and complimentary unlimited Priority Pass lounge access in airports. You get up to 20% savings on leading luxury hotels and luxury spas in India. There are a whole host of other luxury deals you can choose to avail at discounts when you hold this card. This card also gives you overseas medical insurance, air accident insurance and lost card protection. As this is a lifestyle card, the card comes at a high annual membership fee of Rs. 20,

Standard Chartered Credit Card Offers on Flight Tickets


Travelling can be made easier on the pocket with the help of a credit card. Whether you like travelling for leisure or it’s your work that takes you to places, a good credit card can help you save money, while also showering you with bonuses and reward points. Standard Chartered Bank of India is a leading bank that provides banking and financial services. It also provides splendid credit card services which offer customers to pick the right card according to their requirement and lifestyle. Recently, Standard Chartered tied up with the travel portal, and launched a Credit Card by the name of “Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Credit Card”.Flight Tickets Offers

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Credit Card
The credit card is a great choice for frequent travellers as it offers cash back on travels and reward points on all other expenditure as well. One can earn 10% cash back on all their travel booking with along with 4x rewards. Standard Chartered credit card also gives its customers gift vouchers when they join, while waiving off the cancellation fees for flights booked on the portal. The other benefits of this card are there are no restrictions on the quantity of cash backs availed.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards

You can earn two reward points for every Rs 100 spent, except for fuel purchase. You can also keep your fuel bills with 2.5% fuel charge waiver, which is an added advantage. This credit card is perfect for frequent travellers as you also get 10 percent cash back on the base fare, a maximum of Rs 250 for domestic and Rs 750 for international tickets. One also gets 10 percent off on holiday booking, hotel bookings, up to a maximum of Rs 1,000 cash back limited to 12 transactions for one calendar year and a maximum of 4 per month

Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum Credit Cards
The benefit of this credit card is that the customer entitled to join Skywards, an Emirates frequent flyer program. The cardholder can access to 600 VIP airport lounges around the world. The scorecard also offers insurance cover up to Rs 10 Million as a result of trip delays, air accidents, luggage loss, hijacking and passport loss.

Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Credit Cards
The advantage of this credit card is that a cardholder can enjoy rewards and redeem the points for exciting gifts. Other benefits include complimentary membership to over 600 lounges around the globe with a nominal fee of $27 per member. One can also access over 2000 golf courses around the world, which includes twenty premier golf courses in India, including Aamby Valley Sahara Lake City, Agra Golf Club etc.
The Diner Plus card provides exciting dining offers at leading restaurants across the cities in more than 65 different locations and more than 400 outlets around the globe which include Cafe Royal and Indian Summer.
The Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Credit Cards are ideally suited for frequent travelers and for those who loves golf.
Thus, Standard Chartered credit cards are ideal for those who travel frequently as they help make the journeys rewarding and economical.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in India


The fever of online shopping has spread immensely among the busy and exhausted Indians. It provides ready access to some of the topmost brands and their innumerable products from India as well as overseas. This has enabled people to purchase virtually anything, from clothes, electronic goods, gadgets, shoes, home décor products, crockery, furniture and fittings, and even fruits, vegetables and groceries online. However, what keeps a majority of people from shopping and making payment for the purchased goods online a scary option is the level of security of the website. Shopping portals with poor encryption and security are likely to leave the financial details, including the CVV number and credit limit of a shopper, unsecured from and exposed to virtual fraudsters.

In such situations, it is always wise to act cautiously when making any transactions online that might expose sensitive financial information online. There are several kinds of safety measures that can be employed for ensuring that the information travels over the web safely. However, sometimes transactions have to be made with unsecured websites. For addressing such petrifying situations, banks have come up with the super-secure and easy-to-use virtual credit cards.


As of now, the kinds of has aren’t characterised by their plastic appearance. These kinds of credit instruments do not have any physical existence and are primarily known by their virtual features. These add-on cards are offered by the primary credit card provider only for FREE, and can be used for making one-time transactions online. These cards come with a limited expiry date and credit limit which makes them perfectly secure for making transactions online. All it takes is some time to apply virtual credit cards through the net-banking portal and generate online credit card numbers for the next shopping session.

Some of the major banks that offer the best services in regards to virtual credit card India, and their individual features are discussed further.

SBI Virtual CardImage

It is a limit credit card offered by the leading bankers in India, which can be easily created by making use of the SBI Internet Banking facility, for making online transactions. Powered by Visa, the SBI virtual credit cards can be used to make transactions with online merchants accepting VISA cards. Available for free and valid for a maximum duration of 48 hours, these credit cards prove to be more secure, flexible, easy to use and protected from any kinds loss when making transactions on unsecured online portals.


Axis eShop Virtual Credit Card

Axis Bank is yet another top provider of virtual credit card India. Axis Bank provides the opportunity for avid online shoppers to make secure transactions online and that too without divulging their banking details online. With features like the ability to set personal limits, flexible usage terms and conditions, 100% security, 48 hours validity, VISA powered transactions, and consolidated card statements, these virtual credit cards are perfect for platinum, platinum advantage, gold, silver and easy credit card holders.

On the whole, with the power to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of home, without putting credit card information to risk, virtual credit cards serve to be the perfect mediums to make secure payments for purchases made online.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Transfer Procedure

HDFC Bank Credit Card

HDFC Credit Card

Concerned about overshooting the interest free credit period? Unable to pay off the piling credit card debt? Dealing with monstrous interest charges and late payment penalties? Though these can be taken as three different situations, there is something that remains common in all three – the increased number of calls to pay the EMI’s or, else, reap the benefits of Balance Transfer.

For banks and financial institutions, balance transfer primarily means getting new customers on board and expanding their credit card operations base, as the service doesn’t allow users to transfer balance between the credit cards issued by the same bank. This option can only be exercised by transferring outstanding balance within cards issued by two different banks. This facility is sometimes used by the customers to lower their

current interest charges on the outstanding amount, or else, get a better credit limit.

Normally, the issuer, to whom the outstanding balance is to be transferred, would offer several kinds of promotional offers and schemes to the new prospective customers, including zero interest on the transferred amount for a tenure of, say, 6-8 months. However, such schemes might vary from one bank to the other. Among several banks that offer this facility, HDFC has created its unique identity among masses. Here is a quick look into the procedure of transferring the outstanding balance from any card to HDFC credit card.

Balance Transfer Process

As a first step, customers have to express their willingness to transfer the outstanding balance from their existing card to

Apply HDFC Credit Card

Apply HDFC Credit Card

HDFC credit card. The bank usually sends a representative, along with a balance transfer form, to the customer, who will take care of all the form filling and documentation process, including filling the details of old credit cards and the piled up dues. It is normally after a period of 7-10 working days that people will receive a Demand Draft from HDFC bank in the name of the old credit card provider. Once this demand draft is submitted to the issuer, the outstanding balance is cleared within a few days. Now, the balance is transferred to the new HDFC credit card, which has to be repaid within the stipulated time period, along with enjoying the promotional benefits.

 Points worth Consideration

When following the procedure of transferring the outstanding balance to HDFC bank credit card, there are certain things that one needs to watch out for closely. Since the process takes 7-10 working days for completion, there are high chances that one might miss another due date of servicing the EMI. So, now that the user didn’t even pay the minimum required amount, this can be treated as a default, which affects the credit score in the long run. Thus, it is advisable to keep on servicing the minimum amount due until HDFC bank sends the demand draft in the favour of the old credit card issuer.On the whole, though balance transfer might appear to be an attractive option to get a new credit card at lower interest rates and increased credit limit, while managing the outstanding debt intelligently, exercising this option too much can get one’s name reported with the credit bureau. So, if hampering the chances of  getting any cash or credit advances in the future is not the ultimate motive, one must use the option of balance transfer in a smart manner.